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16-68 combo Wood Fireplace

By Stuv


The Stûv 16 line showcases the beauty of flames through its refined design. These models of wood fireplaces and inserts have a large opening for maximum heat distribution.

Quick Specs

  • BTUs: Up to 24,818 Output
  • Heating Capacity: Up to 1,650 sq ft
  • Viewing Area: (H) 16-9/16 in x (W) 21-9/16 in
BTU 24,080 - 24,818 Output
Width 42-1/8 in.
Height 48 in.
Depth 23-1/2 in.
Weight 417 lbs.
Heating Capacity Up to 1,650 sq ft.
Firebox Capacity 2 cu ft.
Log Length Up to 21 in.
Viewing Area 21-9/16 (W) x 16-9/16 (H) in.
Emissions 1.94 g/hr.
EPA Certified Yes

Why Stûv?

A contemporary vision at the service of performance

Since its creation, Stûv has offered you an unparalleled contemporary vision of auxiliary heating. A minimalist design without compromising on quality and efficiency makes the Stûv signature a guarantee of performance and beauty.

Innovations that meet your needs

Stûv pays particular attention to the functional aspects of its stoves and fireplaces whether they burn wood or pellets. From the craftsman who manufactures them to the specialist who installs them, each Stûv model is designed to simplify and make the experience pleasant for each of the actors who interact with the unit.

Eco-Friendly auxiliary heating

Stûv looks for solutions to the ecological challenge of auxiliary heating and constantly invests in research and development to improve the combustion principles of its appliances, whether they are wood or pellet stoves or fireplaces.