Tips for Smart Shopping

Finding product prices

Some of our manufacturers do not allow us to list retail prices online. When researching products on our website, you can obtain the price of any item(s) that we sell by clicking on the “Get a Quote” button on any product page. To request the prices of multiple products, simply leave a note in the comments section of the quote form. One of our sales consultants will respond to your inquiry within 24-48 hours.

Retail price vs. actual cost of ownership

Many of the products we sell have normal-use operating costs, such as electricity and chemicals for hot tubs and fuel for hearth products. Some items require add-ons like a spa cover. And optional accessories can be purchased to add new functionality or improve performance. When researching products, it is important to consider the total price of owning each model. A product that appears more affordable at first glance could end up costing more money when factoring in regular maintenance and repairs.

*We are currently working on adding estimates for total ownership cost tables to our website. We are starting with hot tubs and will eventually provide this information for all the products we carry. Please check back during a future visit to more information about calculating ownership costs.

Check for current specials

Don’t forget to check out our sales events page to see if any of our manufacturers are currently offering discounts on the products that you are interested in.

Know what you can afford

After determining how much space you have in your monthly budget for a new purchase, you can use our monthly payment calculator to see what products you can afford.

Purchase products through our website

Did you know that we now sell products through our website? Right now our online shop has spa care products available for purchase. More coming soon!