FULLVIEW FV44i Gas Insert

FullView FV44i Gas Insert

FULLVIEW FV44i Gas Insert

Offering the largest viewing area from Mendota, the FullView FV44i gas insert will fit virtually any existing fireplace opening. Boasting a spectacular view, with no telltale louvers to distract from the realistic flame. Breathe life and warmth into the heart of your home with a high efficiency gas insert.



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FullView FV44i Gas Insert Features

See more of the flames, less of the metal

With a 33% larger viewing area and no telltale louvers or raised platform most gas inserts use to conceal the controls, the FullView gas fireplace insert has the exact look and feel of a woodburning fireplace. It will quickly become the focal point of your room—the memory of messy ashes and hours spent stacking and storing wood vanquished with the touch of a button.

Key Features and Technologies

BurnGreen Technology

Mendota’s environmentally friendly, sealed combustion, direct vent fireplaces with the BurnGreen™ system are designed to meet exacting governmental EPA standards, as well as national LEED® and NAHB guidelines for high efficiency and low emissions.

BurnGreen™ means burning smarter, giving you choices to conserve fuel and help the environment. The versatile BurnGreen™ system lets you turn the burners and the pilot on and off, adjust the heat and blower output— and even turn off the rear burner on mild days. You can also control room temperature using the remote control’s digital thermostat. And, it’s all done with the touch of a button.

With Mendota, beauty and safety go hand-in-hand

Pair education with our factory-provided screens to enjoy your Mendota, safely

Nothing brings families together like a Mendota fireplace in a favorite gathering spot. That’s why we make fireplace safety a top priority. Together, we can make sure you and your loved ones enjoy every moment around the hearth without worry.

First, take a moment to educate children about the dangers of fire, and teach them to never touch the hot glass or metal surfaces surrounding the fireplace.

To further promote safe use, all Mendota products are in compliance with government safety screen regulations. Each safety screen has been carefully engineered to keep little hands away from hot glass surfaces while still allowing you to fully enjoy the view of the beautiful Mendota flames.

Factory Screens

See why Mendota fireplaces are among the most efficient in the industry

Get the lowdown on high efficiency to make the smart choice

Mendota Efficiency

Much like comparing miles per gallon when buying a new vehicle, fireplace efficiency ratings tell you a lot about how much gas a particular fireplace will consume as you use it. But beware—not all fireplace manufacturers use the same rating system.

The best way to determine the efficiency of a gas fireplace is to ask for its rating based on the CSA P.4 test method. This accurate measurement reflects the overall operation of the fireplace, taking into account its use and performance throughout the entire heating season. Tests using this Canadian standard for measuring annual fireplace efficiency show that while some units operate in the 30% range, the better units range from 70-90%.

With P.4 fireplace efficiency ratings ranging from 70.4% to 79.0%, Mendota fireplaces are among the industry’s most efficient and represent a smart choice for your home.

Additional information

Front Width


Back Width






Minimum Firebox Depth

16-1/4" to 17-3/4" (depends on Outer Edge Return Depth)

Peak BTU/Hour Input




Glass Size

31-1/2" x 22-3/8"