FLORENCE 6 Person Hot Tub

Florence 6 Person Hot Tub
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FLORENCE 6 Person Hot Tub

The thoughtful open seat design of the Florence 6 person hot tub makes it an ideal spa for entertaining friends or spending time with family. With 46 therapy jets and an Atlas® Massage System, it’s also perfect for enjoying a daily 20-minute renewal soak alone.


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FLORENCE 6 Person Hot Tub Features


FiberCor Insulation All Caldera Spas feature FiberCor®, an innovation that revolutionizes spa insulation. Applied at a 2lb. density, FiberCor® is 4-times denser than regular ½ lb. urethane foam.

Shells and Cabinets Utopia Series spas feature the beautiful and multi-dimensional Avante™ all-climate cabinetry, a durable material that will withstand harsh weather elements. Available in Sand, Slate and Brownstone.

Advent Touchscreen Your daily hydrotherapy experience is easily managed with our intuitive Advent control panel which gives you complete control over water temperature, jet systems and ambient lighting effects.

Additional information


6 Adults




7” x 7” x 36”

Water Capacity

360 gallons


872 lbs. dry; 4925 lbs. filled

Cabinet Colors

Brownstone, Slate, Sand

Water Feature

Acquarella® waterfall with LED lighting

Jet Pumps

2.5 HP Single-Speed Pump, 2.5 HP Dual-Speed Pump

Ozone System

Monarch CD Ozone System (included)

Lighting System

SpaGlo® Multi-zone LED Lighting with 10 Points of Interior Lights & 4 Corner Exterior Lights

Insulating Cover

3.5” to 2.5” tapered, 2 lb.-density foam core, with hinge seal

Entertainment System (Optional)

Wireless Bluetooth Soundsystem, Subwoofer, Wireless TV