UUNI 3 Pellet Pizza Oven


UUNI 3 Pellet Pizza Oven


Uuni 3 is the definitive tool for your garden or outdoor kitchen. It’s designed specifically to take the cost, bulk and hassle out of using a wood-fired oven.

What's in the box:

  • Uuni 3 wood-fired oven
  • Wood pellet burner
  • Cordierite stone baking board
  • Pizza peel
  • Manual and safety instructions

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Uuni 3 Pellet Pizza Oven Features


An evolution of the highly acclaimed Uuni 2S, Uuni 3 reaches 932°F in just 10 minutes and can cook an authentic wood-fired pizza in an incredible 60 seconds. The patent-pending oven runs on wood pellets which are very energy-dense and inexpensive.


Key Features and Technologies

  • Insulated body – for maintaining heat efficiency
  • New Wood Pellet Burner – enabling better temperature control and consistent cooking
  • 3 legs instead of 4 – making Uuni even more stable on any surface
  • New chimney clip – the addition of this mechanism makes it easier than ever to pack up and move, whether heading to the hills or hitting the beach

Uuni 3 gets up to 932°F which enables you to cook food really fast. You can make a wood-fired pizza in just 60 seconds! Not just for pizza; Uuni 3 is great for all types of meat, seafood, vegetables, flatbread – ideal for any food that enjoys short cooking times.

Uuni is powered by wood pellets which are very energy-dense and cheap; they’re like regular wood except compressed. No additives, no hidden extras. Just wood. The pellets ignite easily & Uuni takes just 10 minutes to heat up, from cold to 932°F.

Uuni is made of beautiful brushed stainless steel. It weathers and ages as you use it, but it doesn’t rust and just keeps on performing. It’ll make for a key feature in your outdoor kitchen or barbecue area.

Because of the ease and speed-of-use, Uuni is fantastic for entertaining friends or family. Get the gang together to make their own pizzas and then wood-fire them to perfection in front of their eyes.

All Uuni products that contain wood have been responsibly sourced and we even plant a tree for every Uuni 3 + bag of pellets sold! Read more about the Uuni sustainability project here.

Additional information

Cooking Area

13 in. Pizza


29.5 lbs. boxed


8.6 in. x 14.1 in. x 25.2 in. (HxWxL) with legs extended, excluding door handle; 25.2 in. height including chimney

Stone Baking Board Size

13.2 in. x 13.2 in.

Max Clearance Above Stone

4.3 in.


439 stainless steel, stainless steel rivets, FSC certified wooden handles, cordierite stone baking board


approx. 6 kWh