A Revolution in Water Care


Hello Freshwater Salt System – Goodbye Unclean Hot Tub Water.

It’s been a long time since anything real exciting or revolutionary has come out in regards to hot tub and spa water care maintenance.

One of the primary concerns with owing a hot tub or spa is, and always will be water care. Often the number one questioned asked when a prospective buyer is shopping for a new or first spa is,

“how much time will I spend taking care of it?”


“Will my water always be clean when I open the cover?”

Both are important. And that’s why Watkins (Hot Spring & Caldera) spent years of research and development to finally solve these concerns.

What Is It

Freshwater Salt System is an easy-to-use water care system that helps eliminate the need to worry about keeping your spa water clean, clear, and sanitized. Utilizing a little bit of salt and some very cool technology the system is able to generate chlorine automatically.

What does this mean for you

  • More natural-feeling water with no itchy, dry skin or eyes
  • Fewer chemicals added and goodbye harsh odors
  • Simplified water care which means more time enjoying your spa
  • Conserves water by reducing how often you drain and refill your spa

How Does It Work

It’s all about the patent-pending titanium cartridge, salt, and some technology that creates chlorine from salt inside your spa. The top side control or control panel allows you to monitor the system and set the correct levels of sanitization based on spa size and bather load.

What do I do

The system does need a little help. Every 10 days the control panel will prompt you to check your spas water with a test strip and adjust if needs be. The system is also smart! The control panel will prompt you when attention is needed and give you steps to take care of the issue.

The titanium cartridge itself never needs maintenance. It was designed to be disposed of every 4 months. With only 3 cartridge changes your spa water stays fresh for a full year.

In Closing

Water care needed to change for spas. A lot of people found traditional water care for hot tubs to be confusing, intimidating, and hard. People want to spend more time relaxing and de-stressing in their spas. And far less time trying to balance and clean their water.

The new Freshwater Salt System strikes a great balance between a more natural, less work time water care solution. And greater conservation of water in general.

This system is set up for the following Hot Spring and Caldera Spas models.

  • Utopia / Highlife 2019 – Current
  • Paradise / Limelight 2019 – Current

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