Snacks You Can Eat in Your Hot Tub

Snacks You Can Eat in Your Hot Tub

Dec 5, 2022

Hot tubs are a great way to relax, soothe sore muscles and yes, even enjoy a snack. While not everyone will eat snacks while using their hot tub, some would love to eat a little something while jets massage their backs, legs and buns. But are there snacks you should avoid eating while you are soaking it up? Today, we will tell you how to spice up your bathing time by carrying around snacks, and about the snacks you shouldn’t eat while enjoying the warmth of your hot tub. 

Snacks You Shouldn’t Eat

If we wanted, we could create a list of all the snacks you shouldn’t eat in your hot tub, but that would take forever. Instead, we are going to warn you about some snack attributes you should stay away from. These snacks can be a disaster to clean up, can cause harm to your hot tub if parts of them get into the filter and can even stain the shell of your hot tub.


Anything that can dissolve in water like chips, bread, crackers, cookies, etc. should be avoided because if they fall in the water, they can be difficult to clean up. You don’t want to have chip floaties in your water. 


When sugar gets wet, it becomes sticky. Most sugary things we eat come in the form of candies, which also have dyes that can stain your hot tub. Avoiding sugary snacks while hot tubing is advised. 


If cheese falls into your hot tub, it can melt making it extremely difficult to extract from the water. It can also plug the filter which could cause damage that would need to be repaired. Avoid any form of cheese while using your hot tub.

Snacks You Can Eat

Healthy nutritious foods are best for snacking in your hot tub because they can be easily scooped out if they fall into the water. These are going to be your natural fruits and veggies. Here are some specific ideas that can enhance your hot tub experience while giving you peace of mind that if a snack falls into the water, it will be easy to clean.

Veggie Platter

For this platter, put baby carrots, peppers, olives and raw broccoli on a plate in a decorative design. Each of these are healthy and easily retrievable if they fall into the water. Avoid ranch or any dipping sauces as they can be difficult to clean. 

Frozen Grapes

Grapes are delicious! But have you ever tried freezing them? Frozen grapes are nature's popsicles! They are also a great snack to eat to take the edge off the hot water while you sit in your hot tub. 

Mixed Berry Platter

Make an assorted platter filled with cut-up strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, blueberries and any other berry you can think of. These fruits are good for you and your body and are full of beautiful colors that can make putting the platter together really fun.