Pros and Cons of Electric Fireplaces

Pros and Cons of Electric Fireplaces

Pros and Cons of Electric Fireplaces

Nov 23, 2022

Everyone loves sitting next to a fireplace, sipping hot cocoa, cuddling under a blanket and binge-watching a television series. Because of this, electric fireplaces have become a popular feature for homes. But are they worth it? Today we will go through the pros and cons of electric fireplaces to help you know if it’s something you would enjoy having in your home. 


Electric Fireplaces are Easy to Use

All you have to do to enjoy the warmth and look of a fire is plug it in and turn it on. It’s also easy to adjust how much heat it gives off by adjusting the temperature on the gauge. 

The Cost

Depending on the size, electric fireplaces can range from $200 to $700. In comparison, a wood fireplace could cost around $3,500. Because electric fireplaces require no fuel like wood gas or pellets, they can save you money if you use them the right way. For example, using your electric fireplace to heat up one room instead of using the central heating in your home. 

No Installation Fee

Because electric fireplaces don’t require fuel and don’t create real fire, there is no need to get yours professionally installed. All you need is an electric source, and you are good to go.

They Can Generate A lot of Heat

Depending on the size and quality of electric fireplaces, they can generate enough heat to warm up a large room. This is convenient because you won’t have to put in a lot of work to warm up next to a fireplace, but you also don’t have to heat up the whole house. 

Little to No Maintenance

Because electric fireplaces don’t actually use real fire, there is no cleanup. You don’t need to clean any soot or check the gas lines to ensure safety or constantly keep the fire alive.


The Flames Aren’t Real

Electric fireplaces look cool, but they don’t produce real fire. This means you don’t get the sound of a crackling fire. Or the great smokey smell of a wood fireplace. If having those attributes in a fireplace is important to you, then an electric fireplace may not be for you.

Must Be Placed Near an Electrical Outlet

The majority all modern homes will have a plethora of electrical outlets so this may not seem like a big deal. However, this means you don’t have the freedom to place your fireplace wherever you want unless you have an extension cord, which can look tacky. 

Cannot Heat the Whole House

While this can be a convenience, it is also a problem. If you have an emergency and you need a way to heat your home, your electric fireplace cannot help you much. Especially if you are experiencing a power outage. 

Shorter Life Span Compared to Other Fireplaces

Electric fireplaces are full of electric components like lights, heating coils and fans that either can’t be fixed or cost more than the fireplace to replace. Because of this, once a component wears out, the whole fireplace is broken.


To get the heat out into the room, an electric fireplace uses a fan. This fan can be loud depending on the brand. If you want a quiet relaxing time sitting by the fire, you may want to look for another type of fireplace.