Important Sauna Maintenance Tips

Important Sauna Maintenance Tips

Important Sauna Maintenance Tips

Nov 21, 2022

Saunas are an amazing way to relax, detox and improve physical and mental health. Saunas are very easy to maintain, but in order to get the most out of your sauna, it’s important that you do everything you can to maintain and prolong its lifespan. Today, we are going to give you those maintenance tips so you can ensure that your sauna lasts.

Keep Dirt Out

Just like you wouldn’t want to track dirt into your home, you want to avoid bringing dirt or debris into your sauna. The cleaner you can keep it, the easier it will be to maintain. The easiest way to track dirt into your sauna is by our feet. So, we recommend putting a pad and a wash bucket outside the entrance, so anyone who uses it can wash their feet to prevent the tracking of dirt into the sauna.

Have Towels and Rags for Sweat

The whole purpose of a sauna is to sweat. While sweating is good for you, it is not good for your sauna. Perspired body oils cause stains on benches and backrests. Now sweat will inevitably get on your sauna, but you can prevent as much sweat as you can by:

  • Setting a rule that everyone who uses the sauna wears a towel
  • Have extra rags readily available so users can wipe their sweat
  • Wipe down your seat after using the sauna

Doing these will help prevent getting too much sweat onto the interior of your sauna. 

Use Soft or Distilled Water

To get the sauna up to the right temperature, water is placed on hot rocks to create steam. If you are using hard water, the extra chemicals in the water can cause the wood interior of your sauna to wear out. So, we recommend using soft water from a filter or distilled water from the store. Using the right kind of water will ensure that your sauna lasts as long as you need it to. 

Air It Out

A sauna is a wet place. It will be full of hot steam and sweat. After using your sauna it’s important that you crack the door open to evaporate any remaining moisture before cleaning it. Dry times can vary depending on the size of your sauna. Just be sure that it is completely dry before wiping it down with a soft cloth and warm water because the wood in saunas expands when in use, and then shrinks as it cools and dries off. If you clean the sauna as the wood is expanded, you risk getting hard chemicals deeper into the wood, which will make it wear out quicker.

The Wooden Interior

The wooden interior will need maintenance from time to time. Because the wood inside of a sauna is exposed to high heat and moisture, you should avoid paint or varnish on the interior of a sauna. If you notice the wood is changing colors, the best way to restore it is by drying it out and using a sander to clean off the top layer. If you do this, make sure that you collect any sawdust left over to keep your sauna and your home as clean as possible.