Infrared Heaters

Are you ready to Start Saving Money this Winter?

Most people spend 80% of their time in 20% of their home but pay to heat 100% of the home. FreedomHEET offers the original infrared heaters that allow you to effectively provide supplemental heat to the rooms you use most, but only when you use them. Simply turn down your primary heat source to 55F degrees or 60F degrees and utilize FreedomHEET to warm the room you want to use: family room, media, room, bedroom, kitchen or any room where your family gathers. With our infrared heaters you’ll cut your costly dependence on fossil fuels and watch your saving multiply with cheaper electricity.


Many other brands have tried to imitate our technology but please know that nothing compares to a FreedomHeet Infrared Heater. Please research all types of infrared heaters before you purchase. We are confident that our products, aswell as our service and dedication to our customers, have no comparison. If you’d like to learn more and see what sets us apart please check out our page: How Infrared Heaters Work. We understand that there are a lot of similar looking heaters out there so remember these are not Eden Pure heaters, Sun Heat heaters or any of the other thousands of brands….we offer the original FreedomHeet heater.


Safe and Reliable

FreedomHeet infrared heaters are safe, reliable and efficient. With no exposed heating elements our heaters highly reduce the risk of fire in your home or burns to your children and pets; being safe has always been our top priority. We use only the finest materials and parts available, from ceramic electric connectors to heat treated wire along with quartz heating elements and copper heat exchangers. Long lasting reliable heaters are what we offer with 25,000 hour (minimum) commercial grade heating element life along with a 3-Year Factory Warranties. In addition to being both safe and reliable FreedomHeet electric infrared heaters are 1500 watts, yes 1500, with a 3-level circulation fan control by a full function remote or digital touch screen control offering the most efficient infrared heater on the market.

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